CODE: Center for Osteopathic Data on Education

CODE Terms of Use

Access to AOA data through the Center for Osteopathic Data on Education (CODE) may be covered by the terms and conditions of an existing data sharing agreement between your organization and the AOA. 

Data obtained through CODE remains the property of the AOA.  You may use the AOA data for internal institutional research, grant proposals, mailings, publications and verification of applicants’ qualifications and other internal uses.  AOA data obtained through CODE may not be used for commercial purposes, shared with external organizations or used to verify the credentials of osteopathic physicians with medical licensing boards, hospitals, health care plans, employers, or government agencies. 

Please inform the AOA of any errors you detect or additional information about missing data.

When contemplating or conducting any research the AOA requests an opportunity to comment on the use of the data and the limitations and definitions of the variables used.

The AOA welcomes your suggestions for how to improve CODE, the data sharing process, and AOA’s database capabilities. 

Questions or comments about CODE or the use of AOA data may be directed to or contact the AOA's Division of Certification at 1-800-621-1773 Extension 8266.